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'Promoting the relevant courses at the earliest possible stage is vital in encouraging more women into the finance sector'

I am pleased to see a growing number of strong female role models that we can all look to for inspiration within the real estate finance industry.

Senior management at Maslow Capital have done an excellent job of providing every team member with equal opportunities, career progression and support, all of which have been pivotal in helping me progress into my current role as head of deal execution.

I think the industry is progressively working towards having more women in higher positions within companies, and I am pleased to see Maslow Capital continuing this trend.

During my eight years of working in property finance, I have already seen a change in the way that young women entering the industry are treated, and I think that’s a really positive and well-needed step in the right direction.

How I got into the real estate finance sector

I studied Economics with French at university and, after graduation, I started my career on the corporate finance graduate programme at Bank of Ireland. One of the departments I worked in there was the property finance team. I enjoyed it immensely and was pleased to return to that team when I completed my graduate programme. Four years ago, I moved to Maslow Capital to further expand my experience of the market and of development finance in particular.

Encouraging more women into finance

I would absolutely support anyone to pursue a career in property finance. It is a constantly changing market and there are a variety of roles that make it an interesting area to work in. I think to specifically encourage more women into property finance and the real estate market in general, we need to start urging more young women to take up the relevant/appropriate subjects at sixth form and university.

When I look back at my Maths A-Level class, there were just three women in a class of 30. This impacts the university degrees women can select from and, consequently, the jobs and careers that they have access to later in life. When there aren’t enough women graduating with finance-related degrees, the pool of female talent decreases, resulting in fewer women being available for finance and banking employers to hire. Promoting the relevant courses at the earliest possible stage is therefore vital in encouraging more women into the finance sector.

My advice for anyone of any gender starting out their career would be:

  • don’t overthink or overcomplicate a decision in your own mind. Seek advice, talk it through with a mentor or someone you trust and, above all, keep it simple
  • don’t be shy in expressing your views or opinions in work and on what you’d like from your career. Often, I feel I have held that back but, when I eventually expressed my ambitions, they have been well received and proactively worked on
  • be aware of any chances you see to broaden your knowledge and experience and embrace them

Are you a woman in the financial services industry keen to get your voice heard? Contact [email protected] — we would love to chat!

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