CrowdProperty enhances rates of return on first-charge projects

Crowdproperty is offering further enhanced rates of return on first-charge property development projects launched on its platform this week — 8-9% is available for both new development facilities and follow on raises for existing project facilities.

The lender has adapted these return rates in response to changing market conditions and investor feedback.

As of May 2023, the average CrowdProperty platform investor is diversified across 76 first-charge secured projects with an average realised return of 8.03% - which is above the 7.72% average contract rate on those loans.

Mike Bristow, CEO at CrowdProperty, commented: “We raised investor rates of return in January and have taken the decision to do so again as part of our continual assessment of a range of market factors.

"We've now paid back a total of £187m to investors and continue to attract property projects in order to meet platform demand.

“An increasing number of investors are adopting our AutoInvest and AutoReinvest tools in order to easily deploy, diversify and reinvest funds in these opportunities, including via both Innovative Finance ISA and pension tax-efficient routes."

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