Atelier launches new customer platform

Atelier has partnered with software provider HubSpot to create a new online customer platform.

The site is powered by HubSpot and customised for Atelier by digital designers Inbound Fintech.

It pulls together preferences, portfolios, and previous borrowing of property developers to build a picture of their finance requirements and priorities.

The online technology investment follows Atelier’s attempts to increase efficiency in loan application processes, with the bank cutting the number of questions applicants must answer by an average of 76% last year.

Simon Dawson, head of technology at Atelier, said: “This is another strategic investment in tech that we’re making for the long term, [giving] us the ability to optimise every customer’s experience of working with Atelier, and deliver finance solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

“In the current market developers seeking finance need speed and certainty above all and the combination of this new platform with our streamlined application process will provide both, throughout the entirety of the loan life cycle.”

Alex Jerenic, HubSpot specialist at Inbound Fintech, added: “The platform has been carefully configured to optimise the way Atelier engages with all its customers, and to strengthen its relationships with both borrowers and brokers.

“The platform has been developed with a focus on the careful management of information and data.

"By providing detailed insight on each customer it enables the team to offer every borrower a seamless, personalised journey.”

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