MP Jeremy Hunt, chancellor of the exchequer

Autumn Statement 2023: Hunt pledges £32m to clear planning backlog

In today’s (22nd November) Autumn Statement, the chancellor of the exchequer Jeremy Hunt announced his plans to introduce new premium planning services across England to speed up planning applications and carry out a consultation for new PDR for converting houses into flats.

Under Hunt’s proposed new planning service, local authorities will be able to recover the full costs of major business planning applications, as long as they meet faster timelines — if not met, fees are automatically refunded for the application process.

“A prompt service or your money back”, commented Hunt.

Hunt also pledged £32m to clear the planning backlog to develop housing in Cambridge, London, and Leeds, and £5m to incentivise greater use of local development orders in England.

Alongside this, the chancellor will provide £110m over this year and the next to deliver nutrient mitigation schemes, with the aim of unlocking 40,000 homes.

Additionally, Hunt will allocate £450m to the Local Authority Housing Fund to deliver 2,400 homes, as well as consult on a new PRD to allow houses to be converted into two flats, provided the exterior is not affected.


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