Addressing property finance challenges with Momenta Finance

Increased project uncertainty and costs have resulted in several lenders becoming exceedingly risk averse, making it progressively difficult for borrowers to find flexible and efficient debt funding.

Higher interest rates and inflation also present major challenges for the property development sector in the UK.

Despite these challenges, Momenta Finance are committed to supporting borrowers who have viable projects, and a demonstrated ability to execute, with fast and flexible funding solutions designed to meet the needs of borrowers.

In the past few months, we have had several instances where the incumbent lender has withdrawn their support mid project, leaving the developer without the funding certainty needed to execute on the remainder of the project.

For example, Matthew Yassin, managing director at Aquilae Capital Advisory, brought us a situation where a home counties developer had reached slab stage only for the current lender to withdraw support for the additional funding needed to progress the project.

Momenta offered a structure that refinanced the existing lender and granted the developer the funding needed to move the project forward.

Matthew commented: “Throughout the funding process, Momenta Finance exhibited tenacity and a strong commercial approach.

“They addressed difficult questions and challenges with professionalism and dedication.

“Their contributions significantly contributed to the successful conclusion of the deal.”

Momenta Finance specialises in delivering expedited bridging and development loans — a swift, short-term financing solution crafted for property development or refurbishment projects.

Loan amounts range from £200,000 to £2m, providing developers with the financial flexibility necessary to meet diverse project requirements.

Loan terms extend up to 24 months, allowing developers a comfortable timeframe to execute and complete their projects.

Pictured above: Luke Jooste, CEO at Momenta Finance

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