MPowered Mortgages shares 12 wishes for a Merry Mortgage Christmas

As we reach the end of 2023, it's a good opportunity to look back over the past year and look forward to 2024 — with that being said, MPowered Mortgages has issued a wish list for 2024 on what it would like to see from the market and its stakeholders for a Happy New Year.

Read on to find out what the team is requesting from the mortgage Santa this year.

Our 12 wishes for Christmas:


  • a housing minister that remains in situ long enough to make a difference
  • a HTB ISA that allows first time buyers to actually save a decent deposit that will allow them to buy more than a garage
  • affordability criteria that don’t cause widespread disruption every time interest rates change by impacting the amount borrowers can borrow – after all, we are supposed to be assessing affordability over 35 years
  • stamp duty reform — one way to do this is to remove stamp duty when you downsize properties or sell above a certain age
  • leasehold reform – long promised, still to be delivered. 
  • changes to planning law — we’ve been talking about delivering 300,000 houses a year for 20+ years and never done it
  • some green initiatives that actually work for homeowners and landlords
  • a coordinated housing, energy, and transport policy – housing is responsible for 40% of the UKs carbon emissions, and 26% of its transport emissions, yet the two seem to be tackled in isolation
  • a coherent policy and approach to landlords and renters, including social housing — don’t ignore renters
  • controls on house builders who profiteer – there should be no excess profiteering from initiatives aimed at growing home ownership
  • invest in key trades skills, as we have a major trades shortage – none of the building we are talking about will be possible without bricklayers, plumbers, electricians 


Peter Stimson, head of product at MPowered Mortgages, commented: “Ensuring that 2024 builds on the revival of the industry in 2023 is pivotal for both businesses, brokers and consumers.

“Steps must be taken internally, from all stakeholders, to ensure that the market thrives without government intervention in 2024.

“This will give the industry and housebuyers a firm foundation in which to operate on. 

“Industry issues such as planning law and green initiatives must continue to stay at the fore, whilst the ongoing challenges with affordability must continue to be worked on by lenders and governance. 

“The process of home ownership is at a crossroads, with affordability and access remaining a challenge, but innovation in the housebuying process at an all-time high.

“Lenders must work with governmental bodies and brokers to ensure that the industry continues to put legislation and services in place to allow more people on to the housing ladder.”

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