Over 2,000 mid- and high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding still awaiting remediation

Around 2,231 residential buildings measuring 11m and over with unsafe cladding which are being monitored by the DLUHC have not had any remediation work done as of 31st December last year.

Since the end of December 2022, the DLUHC has been monitoring the remediation progress of all mid- and high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding that were part of the Building Safety Fund, Cladding Safety Scheme, developer remediation contract and reported by registered providers of social housing, as well as high-rise buildings with ACM cladding systems — with the data from all schemes being collated into monthly reports since October 2023.

According to the latest data for the period ending on 31st December 2023, 3,839 buildings were identified with unsafe cladding, 797 (21%) of which have completed remediation works.

Around 811 (21%) buildings are in the process of being remediated, while works for the remaining 2,231 properties (58%) have not yet commenced. 

The report also shows how remediation progress differs across various remediation programmes. 

Some 86% of the 496 buildings with ACM cladding have had remediation completed, and only 7% of 1608 social housing developments have had the necessary repair works finalised.

Meanwhile, of the 104 buildings currently in the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS), none have had remediation works started or completed. 

Developers remediation status

As of 31st October 2023, 1,035 of the buildings that developers have self-reported were found to require remediation works to life-critical fire safety risks, which must be carried out directly by the firms.

Of those, only 156 (15%) buildings have had remediation works completed at the end of October last year — the latest developer remediation contract data released by the DLUHC. 

Rydon Holdings Group — the parent company of one of the firms investigated in relation to the Grenfell Tower tragedy — was found responsible for the remediation works of 11 of the 25 buildings it accepted responsibility for; however, only two have been completed at the time of publication. 

Meanwhile, Persimmon PLC and Vistry Group have not completed any remediation works so far — both are responsible for fixing 164 and 80 buildings, respectively.

Taylor Wimpey needed to remediate 164 buildings and has only completed 39, while Barrat Homes has finalised works for 21 out of 116 mid- and high-rise properties in need of remediation.

In comparison, Galliard Group LTD needed to remediate 16 of its buildings and has completed 11 — 69%. 

The Berkley Group Holdings was found responsible to remediate 57 of the 755 buildings assessed, 34 of which have already been completed.

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