Two-fifths of property professionals want increased government support for brownfield development

According to property lender Together, while 11% of property developers, investors and landlords are most excited to pursue commercial properties to EPC retrofit this year — the investment needed is still a major concern.

Indeed, 19% of property professionals want more government support for brownfield development pre–general election this year.

This comes as the government instructed yesterday that England councils should be proiritising brownfield development. 

The data also showed that:  

  • 25% want goverment support on regeneration of disused buildings/sites
  • 18% see meeting new EPC standards as the biggest challenge this year
  • 21% want more tax benefits and initiatives to support commercial property market growth
  • 18% said better access to finance to meet retrofitting plans should be a government priority pre-election.  

Elliot Vure, director of corporate sales at Together, commented: “Solving the UK’s housing crisis is fast becoming a central issue in the build up to general election.

“Plans to expediate planning permission laws and unlock newfound residential opportunities by zoning in on brownfield sites would see more people able to access the property ladder and – so long as developers are able to fund EPC retrofitting costs – help alleviate some of the pressure around meeting climate targets. 

“Factoring brownfield sites into new government housing agendas is indeed a smart and critical move.

“This would not only provide a solution by levelling up in the regions to deliver growth and prosperity for future generations, but also act as a clear reminder as to how important the UK’s abandoned buildings are - not just as a valuable and energy-conscious resource for housing but also a source of civic pride.

“Our data shows that there are opportunities out there for developers to meet this aim by re-using unloved and abandoned wasteland.

“However, what we need is a co-ordinated and common-sense approach from funders, developers, and local council planning departments if we’re going to address the issue of housing supply on a large scale.”

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