Government proposes changes to various permitted development rights

On Tuesday 13th February, the government launched a consultation proposing changes to the Town and Country Planning Order 2015, covering topics such as the demolition and enlargement of properties.

The government aims to support householders to make the changes they need to meet today’s living demands and maximise the usability of space within their homes.

There are a range of permitted development rights that allow for enlargements, improvements, and alterations to homes, with the consultation proposing amendments to these permitted development rights to ensure that they are fit for purpose and provide the flexibility needed for householders to alter or extend their homes.

In addition, the consultation aims to further support the gentle densification of our towns and cities through upward extensions to buildings.

There is an existing suite of permitted development rights that allow for upwards extensions to a range of buildings including mixed use, commercial and residential buildings, and the government is seeking feedback on changes to increase the scope of buildings that can benefit from these permitted development rights and support the delivery of new homes.

The consultation also seeks views on changes to the existing permitted development right for the demolition of certain buildings and their rebuild as homes.

This is due to the government striving to maximise the number of homes that can be delivered through this permitted development right and are therefore consulting on changes to broaden the scope of buildings that can benefit from the right and allow for a larger rebuild footprint.

In addition, this consultation seeks feedback on the existing prior approvals in relation to the building upwards and demolition and rebuild permitted development rights, to seek views on whether they can be streamlined to increase housing delivery and reduce burdens on local planning authorities.

Finally, the government is consulting on changes to the existing permitted development right that allows for the installation of air source heat pumps on domestic premises.

This consultation will last for eight weeks from 13th February to 9th April 2024.

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