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Just Housing Group launches behavioural insights workshops

Just Housing Group (JHG) has launched a series of interactive behavioural insights workshops to help social housing organisations improve their performance and cut costs.


Behavioural insights are a tried and tested approach that harnesses what is understood about how people really behave to enable positive changes in behaviour.

JHG has worked alongside its leading associates over the past three years through the implementation of more than 20 randomised controlled trials to develop its behavioural insights approach.

Working across the country, these projects have built a robust evidence base in relation to reducing rent arrears, creating greater tenant engagement and promoting channel shift.

The company will now host a series of ‘Smash Courses’ – one-day interactive workshops – held in various UK locations – including Edinburgh, Norwich and Bristol – to share its approach.

The events will be led by Anna O’Halloran, the consultancy’s managing director, and Steven Johnson, behavioural insights special adviser at JHG.

Anna said: “We are delighted to bring the course to the wider domain, having experienced such a huge appetite and demand from experts in the sector to understand more about behavioural insights and how it can be applied to increase performance, ultimately resulting in a reduction of costs for organisations.

“We know that these sessions work – and have made a significant difference – from delivering them over the past 12 months to leading organisations.

“From our experience, delegates attend the course to find out how they can improve performance through applying behavioural insights techniques, and they leave with new ideas of how the approach can also be applied to reducing costs, as well as how it can be implemented to influence cultural changes.”

Tickets for the events will be available to purchase on Just Housing Group’s website.

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