Will drones make a big impact on UK construction?

Drones could make a huge impact on UK construction with 76,000 predicted to be in use by 2030, according to the latest research.

A new report from PwC claims that large-scale drone usage could save the construction industry around £3.5bn by 2030, with surveying work taking advantage of drones.

The increasingly advanced technology and in-built tools could see drones survey a site 400 times faster than a traditional survey team.

In addition, drones could also provide improved photographic renderings of construction sites in 2D and 3D.

Phil Chesworth, managing director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said that this was great news for the construction industry. 

“Anything that can improve efficiencies and cut costs is always welcome, but this is still the future we’re talking about.

The human elements will always be an important part of construction, and there’s no substitute for human ingenuity and hard work. 

“Drones can’t do the heavy lifting that skilled workers are needed for. 

“There will always be a need for someone to scale an aerial lift platform and do the work only a person can do. 

“Likewise, a drone can’t move goods from A to B on a hand pallet truck. 

“It’ll be interesting to see how drones impact construction in the coming years, but there’s no replacement for the quick thinking of a trained, skilled worker.” 

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