Fisher German

Fisher German launches online auction service

Property agency Fisher German has launched an online auction service and recorded its first sale successes.

The platform is suitable for a range of properties, including residential, commercial, agricultural, development sites and woodland.

The online auctions are similar to traditional auctions, with sellers able to agree a reserve price and the length of the auction.

Stuart Flint, partner at Fisher German (pictured above), said: “Online auctions offer a more flexible and less pressured environment, making it favourable to many buyers as it allows them to take more consideration over their bids.

“The online platform is also cheaper than traditional auctions so [it] is a good option for properties which require a quick sale or ones where the cost of marketing would be unviable.

“We are predicting an enormous increase in the number of people buying and selling properties and land on online auction platforms due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, transparency and speed.”

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