Staminier acquires majority stake in eco-friendly housebuilder

Staminier has acquired the business and assets of an energy-efficient housebuilding company.

It has established a new subsidiary for the acquisition, Eco-Space 41 Ltd (ES41), and aims to build homes in just 41 days.

The target market for ES41 homes are three-bedroom affordable homes to be developed for between £100,000–115,000.

Staminier will also acquire an interest in an SPV which has the rights to obtain a development site in Hertfordshire.

It is hoped that 14 luxury homes will be built in the first phase of development at this site, subject to planning.

Tim Stanton, director at Staminier, said: “We are delighted to have reached agreement to acquire a scalable and innovative solution to the pressing affordable housing market crisis in the UK. 

“This fast-build, low-cost and energy-efficient housing product could play an influential role in meeting the large demand for affordable homes in the coming years. 

“The added planning gain opportunity makes this a deal that gives opportunity for a near term significant increase in Staminier shareholder value, while the longer-term opportunity for this housebuilding business is highly compelling. 

“We hope to be a significant player in the low-cost, fast-build and energy-efficient affordable homes market in the coming years.”

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