Christchurch Gardens

Works starts on Christchurch Gardens transformation

A major enhancement scheme has been set up by the Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) to transform Christchurch Gardens — a green space in the heart of Westminster.


The project — which is now being managed by Westminster City Council — aims to enhance the area with the addition of seating, features and elements recognising the site’s historical background.

Westminster City Council will fund the scheme and work in partnership with the Victoria and Victoria Westminster BIDs.

Permissions are now in place from Westminster Council, the Diocese of London and the Ministry of Justice to proceed with the scheme.

“With great history, notable connections and in a prominent location, Christchurch Gardens has huge potential to be a popular and cherished green asset for the local area,” said Ruth Duston, chief executive at the Victoria and Victoria Westminster BIDs.

“We are proud to have spearheaded an ambitious project to transform the gardens, working closely with Westminster City Council in a great demonstration of public/private collaboration.”

Tim Mitchell, deputy leader at Westminster City Council, added: “Currently an unloved and underused space, Christchurch Gardens has incredible history which this scheme will highlight and celebrate.

“We are creating a peaceful green oasis for people in the city to relax and enjoy amid the hustle and bustle of central London.”

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