NHBC rolls out inspection app to improve construction quality management

NHBC has launched a new Technology Assisted Inspection (TAI) app that allows housebuilders’ site managers to upload photographs for online inspection or re-inspection.


By capturing images of live construction, NHBC will be able to work with site managers more efficiently, as this allows sites to quickly continue working following digital review and feedback, instead of waiting for a NHBC building inspector to physically visit the site. 

The TAI app, which 91% of site managers rated as easy to use during the pilot in 2020, also helps create an audit trail.

Starting this month, NHBC will be providing on-site training to site management teams with the new app, in addition to the usual key stage inspections.

Diane Marshall, operations director at NHBC, said: “The launch of the new TAI app is a milestone moment in construction quality management, as it represents the first stage in the evolution of our technical risk management strategy.

“We are working with our registered builders and developers to gradually move our collective focus from quality control (defects correction) to quality assurance (defects prevention).”

She believes that the app will help reduce the significant costs of remedial works and further improve the quality of new homes. 

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