Amit Majithia

Avamore to double sales team after securing increased funding

Avamore Capital aims to lend over £400m over the next two years after agreeing support from its funding lines.

To help it achieve this, the lender has begun to implement plans to double its sales team in 2021.

Avamore has confirmed that it intends to add four more regional relationship managers to cover London, West Midlands, and the west and east of England. 

The lender is also looking to recruit a sales director this year and, to help grow its infrastructure to complete and manage more transactions, it will also be hiring another underwriter and asset manager.  

In addition, a newly created role of case manager will support the credit analysis team as the loan book grows.

Avamore will be working with its recruiter partners to fill most of these positions.

Amit Majithia, principal at Avamore (pictured above), said: “Our increased lending firepower means that we are very keen to complete deals with as many brokers and developers as possible. 

“We’ve grown an amazing team and we’re seeking to build on that growth by adding more relationship managers who can deliver Avamore’s signature brand of quality, reliability and service. 

“There are still a lot of brokers and developers who, for example, have never heard of our finish and exit product and that could be benefitting from it, so we need more people to spread that message for us.”

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