78% of students feel student accommodation could be improved to minimise Covid risks

Some 78% of UK students feel their accommodation could be better designed to minimise the risk of Covid-19 on campus, according to the latest research from Manor Interiors.


Over 1,000 students were surveyed for the study, which was carried out via the Find Out Now research platform.

When asked which aspects of their current accommodation were the biggest cause of these concerns, 22% of respondents quoted the lack of open space, as well as the lack of ventilation and inability to fully open windows.

Not enough sanitisation in communal areas was also listed as the third most concerning factor.

The sheer volume of staff and students coming and going from student digs also ranked high on the list of concerns, along with a lack of automatic doors, meaning students have to regularly touch the same door handle.

Farhan Malik, CEO at Manor Interiors, said: “It’s encouraging to see that despite being least at risk health-wise, the younger generation is considering the threat posed by Covid when heading to university and the vital role they play in minimising its spread. 

“Covid is unlikely to disappear any time soon, and it’s important that we adapt across the board to deal with it. 

“The design of student accommodation is no different, and whether it’s the delivery of new units or the redesign of older buildings, there’s plenty that can be done to minimise the risks posed by Covid.”

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