Government appoints new housing minister

The government has announced its new housing minister as Lee Rowley — who served in the same position in the short-lived premiership of Liz Truss.

Lee Rowley — who, since last autumn, had served as the parliamentary under secretary of state for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) — has taken centre stage in charge of the Renters Reform Bill. 

He replaced Rachel Maclean, who was asked to step down yesterday as housing minister as part of the government reshuffle.

Paul Stevens, executive director at Centrus, commented: “Despite being the portfolio most in need of longevity and consistency, the UK government now welcomes its 16th housing minister since 2010.

“With a likely election next year, Lee Rowley is set to serve a limited term — but this does not mean he cannot make vital change.

"Social and affordable housing must be a focus.

“Rent settlement for this year, and ideally for the future, is critical to give housing associations some certainty in their budgeting and planning, which in turn will enable them to confidently invest for the future.

“Short-termism gets us nowhere — a long-term plan which allows housing associations to deliver in partnership with local and national government cannot wait.” 

Lee Sugden, interim executive at Highstone HA, added: “How on god’s green earth can such an important policy area be treated with such utter contempt.

“Is it any wonder we have so many issues with housing in this country when you have such fragmented leadership.”

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