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Eutopia Homes submits plans for second Exeter development

Eutopia Homes has submitted a planning application for a second residential scheme in Exeter.

If the plans are approved, the developer will deliver 51 apartments designed and built exclusively for rent on a vacant site on Prince Charles Road.

The scheme is intended to act as a ‘gateway’ to Eutopia Homes’ first Exeter project, Exmouth Junction, which was approved by Exeter City Council in March this year.

Exmouth Junction — located over a 10-minute walk from Exeter city centre and half a mile from Exeter University — will see a £130m ‘urban village’ created on 15 acres of long-dormant brownfield land.

It will offer 465 new homes, which will be a mix of affordable, private rented, and for-sale housing, as well as extra-care units.

Future residents will also benefit from outdoor spaces such as public gardens, squares, footpaths, a woodland walk and fitness trail, which will make up 65% of the 15-acre site.

The Exmouth Junction scheme was designed to set new benchmarks for sustainable development by prioritising cycle and pedestrian mobility above car use.

Only 0.4 car parking spaces will be provided per unit at Exmouth Junction, with an on-site car club that will be operated through an app-based system. 

There will also be a new cycle path and over 1,000 bike spaces provided on-site, as well as electric car and bike hire schemes.

Darling Associates will be the architect on both residential projects.

Both Exmouth Junction and the new proposed Exeter scheme are part of a £365m development pipeline backed by Chenavari Investment Managers.

Scott Hammond, founder and CEO of Eutopia Homes, said: “If approved, our plans will see a vacant site transformed into much needed high-quality rental housing that will act as a gateway to the urban village we are creating at our Exmouth Junction site.

“While Covid-19 has inevitably caused some disruption, the housing market has demonstrated remarkable resilience during this pandemic, and we remain confident in the long-term outlook for UK residential. 

“Delivering more homes of all types and tenures will be crucial to ensuring cities like Exeter remain competitive and that talent isn’t priced out.”

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